Mission / Goal

What Is Our Mission?

Discover the purpose of our nonprofit organization

At Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation, we have one simple-but crucial mission-to reduce the shortage of Certified Nurses Aides and Home Health Aides in new Jersey. The demand for Certified nurses aides is increasing at a rapid pace, and there is already a shortage of Nurses aides in our hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Through this organization, we hope to:

  1. Make it financially possible for individuals to pursue their certified nursing certification
  2. Make it financially possible for people who need care at home or 1:1 care in a nursing facility to access that care.
  3. Educate people about the nursing home shortage in new Jersey
  4. Collect donations for scholarships for those hoping to obtain their Nurses Aide certification, and to help those in need of Home Care services.

Where do we focus our outreach:

We do everything possible to educate people about the nurses aide shortage in New Jersey and come up with solutions. We focus our outreach in:

  • High Schools
  • Unemployment Agencies
  • Neighborhoods