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Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation was created from the proceeds of the sale of Arcadia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a nonprofit skilled nursing facility in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Our administrator and executive director, Lori Gabriel, has made it her mission to serve the Mercer area and has done so for over 30 years.

Lori's family has been in the health care industry since 1963. She has had experience working for...

National corporations
Small chains
Individual owners

... in the health care industry. She has also been involved in developing Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Units, Congestive Heart Failure Programs, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs, and Dementia Care Units.

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Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization run by a board of directors in New Jersey. We're concerned about the shortage of CNAs in the state and hope to reduce the shortage through our outreach programs and scholarships. To get more details, contact us now.